Top home remedies for fleas on pets

Fleas are the most horrible nightmare for the owners of the pets as they are copious in number, small, hard to see and make your pet totally miserable. So what you do when these tiny infestations try to overtake your house? How can you fight back with them and which product is best to treat fleas or is there an alternative to treat them without a bunch of costly product? You can discover the answers to all these questions below as we are going to discuss all possible home remedies for fleas. Give them a try to get rid of fleas for good.

Treat Fleas with natural home sprays

However, vacuuming is the best way to control fleas but if you accompany with some homemade natural sprays, you can get best results. Use one of these following home sprays to your pet’s favorite lounging spots.

Lemon Spray– Take one lemon and cut it into thin slices. Steep them into water overnight. Add this solution into a large spray bottle. This solution has a pleasant smell that is a natural flea repellant. You can safely use it on your pet and near your furry friend’s favorite spots.

Salt – Take some salt and mix it into the water. Spray this solution on tile and hardwood floors around the bed of your pup and clean it.

Essential Oils – Essential oils don’t smell good to fleas such as tea tree, rosemary, and lavender oil. Use one of these oils to keep your space smelling pleasant and flea free. But use them with some caution as they are harmful to the pets. The way you are using them should be safe for your pet.

Flea free with heat:

Heat is a furtive weapon when it comes to keeping your pet’s clothes, bedding and toys flea free. You should wash your pet’s clothes in hot water and dried them on high temperature every week. Fleas can’t survive with the dual attack of heat.

Keep your yard flea free

One of the best home remedies for flea is to keep your yard flea free. The following are some effective ways that how can you keep your yard preventative.

Diatomaceous Earth – The diatomaceous earth is a natural product that is made from the fossils of small organisms. These tiny organisms are made with silica that can absorb the exoskeleton insects such as fleas. It causes the fleas to dry and eventually die. You can also use it outside where fleas can hide out.

Plant and herbs – Plants and herbs have a strong smell that helps you to get rid of fleas near your doors and windows. Use basil, clove, thyme, mint, lavender, and sage for this purpose.

Natural killers – There are some natural predators that eat the fleas such as ants, lizards, snakes, frogs, spiders, and beetles. You can add them into your yard. There are also some animals that eat the larvae and pupae of the fleas such as multicellular animals and Nematodes. Buy them from the local garden store or online for your yard.


Let us know in the comment box what are you using to keep your home flea free and which home remedies for fleas you have used?