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How to increase audience reach while using paid FB and Instagram Ads

Social media marketing is the order of the day and no internet marketing strategy is complete without the integration of social media to it. If you are among people who are running online businesses or belong to the group of individuals that want to start online companies, you would certainly be required to use Instagram and facebook. These are two of the most popular social media platforms that have tools for the marketers, allowing them to spend on the advertisement and run campaigns to reach out more and more people. But the question is how to increase audience reach while using paid fb and instagram ads?

Be specific about your target audience

Start off by being specific about what your target community is. If you are running campaign for a food restaurant, your target audience will be the local individuals. And even in that group, you can further specify by listing the ones who have interest in food or love to eat. So, you need to be specific about the group of individuals to whom your ads are shown because the more relevant you are to them the higher the conversion rate will be. There is no point of reaching out someone who does not have a good interest in sports as a sports magazine and asking them to buy or subscribe.

Create engaging and shareable content

What most of the marketers do is that they only focus on the content that can help them in showing off the brand and creates brand awareness. You can bring up the name of the brand in front of followers and get more instagram likes but until you let them connect it to their own life, there will be no impact. Therefore, always come up with the content that people find engaging. Lure them into liking and commenting on your posts. Come up with the content that people would share with their friends and colleagues. It helps in generating more and more leads and increase your audience reach.

Figure out what works for you

You might find that you are spending too much on ads but the reach is a little too low. Put a full stop to current campaigns and figure out what worked for you and what didn’t go well. If you have been working with a single strategy, modify it and spend less while experimenting with a few more strategies to find out which one helps in reaching most number of people while spending the least amount of money.